Random thoughts: T minus 4 days

At this point, having not yet started this process for 52 & 12, I’m already encountering some challenges. Like my energy levels.

I currently have my brother staying with me, which is great. I’m really enjoying that. However, it does mean that I’m talking a lot more than normal.

In addition, I went to church today, and made a conscious decision to actually interact with others, and not just keep my head down or make a run for the door after the service ended.

Then we went to the local shopping mall so he could find some post-Christmas bargains and our boys could spend their Christmas money.

None of these things are particularly taxing, but it seems that the combination of all of the above has left me worn out, and somewhat melancholy.

And really desperate to withdraw. this worries me, because achieving my list of goals requires small daily changes, consistently. When I’m in a mood like this, my tendency is to just skip the little things that day; sometimes that becomes a week, then suddenly two or three months have passed.

In spite of my enthusiasm to change my life over the next year, I fear the biggest obstacle may be … me.

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